Benefits Of CBD Oil For Pets

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On April 21, 2022
Benefits Of CBD Oil For Pets

As pet parents, we always want to do everything we can to keep our pets happy, healthy and content. We learn something new every day that contributes to the health of our pets. CBD oil has been on the rise and has become increasingly popular among pet parents helping their pets treat pain and other ailments.

We want to break down the benefits of CBD oil for pets in this blog. Before you run out and buy a bottle, let’s take a look and see if this will really benefit your dogs or cats. 


What is CBD oil?

CBD (or cannabinol oil) is derived from cannabis. We already have an idea of what cannabis does to the body, but that is due to THC, which produces the psychoactive effects of marijuana.

CBD oils are naturally found in marijuana plants and the oils are extracted to be put into capsules, and even beauty products. 

What Are the Benefits of CBD Oil for Your Pets? 

There is no scientific evidence that shows CBD oil is a cure for ailments, but there has been plenty of anecdotal evidence and testimonies from other pet parents saying that CBD oil has been beneficial for their pets one way or another. 

For example, some of the issues CBD oil has been known to help in dogs are: neuropathic pain, epilepsy, chronic pain and irritable bowel disease. 

For cats, pet parents have noticed a reduction in skin conditions, a softer shinier coat, ease in anxiety and depression as well as treatment for chronic pain. 

Some pet owners also say that CBD oil helped control their dogs’ anxiety. 

CBD oil has also been known to help in the healing process of wounds. 

CBD Oil For Pets


Potential Side Effects

With every medical treatment, there is always the potential for side effects and adverse reactions. The good news is that the side effects in cats and dogs are pretty minimal. However, every breed is different. So take that into consideration when trying this out. 

Drowsiness is a common side effect when taking CBD products. This may be hard to spot since cats and dogs love to sleep. So pay attention to your pets’ sleep schedule if you decide to give this a try. 

Your pet may also experience some nausea, vomiting and small changes in its appetite.  

While the big risks of using CBD oil have not had enough formal research, always let your vet know what you are doing in terms of health products you want to use. The FDA has not approved CBD and therefore has not confirmed what doses are safe. 

What About Hemp Seed Oil?

Do not give your pet CBD oil derived from marijuana. This type of CBD is only digestible for humans. You want to give your pet CBD derived from hemp, which is specifically used for industrial or medical use. 

Hemp seed oil is a great source of fatty acid, omega-3 and 6, vitamins and minerals etc. All of these are great for your pet. In general, it is safe to give your pet. However, we will continue to advise that you speak to your vet before introducing this to your pet. 

How Much Can I Give My Pet?

Normally there are dosage and frequency instructions on your CBD product. To be safe, we recommend speaking to your vet about how much you can, or should administer to your pet. Always start with small doses. Despite CBD oil being a more natural remedy for health and behavioral issues, it is still important to make sure your dog does not have any adverse effects. 

CBD also comes in many different varieties. It can come in an oil, capsule, cream and even soft chew treats. The way you choose to administer this substance to your pet will depend on their tolerance level.

It is not a guarantee that CBD oil will work to help your pet with current or future health issues. CBD oil is not meant to replace specific treatments such as those used for heartworm. CBD products may also need to be used in conjunction with other prescribed medications from your veterinarian. This is not a cure for conditions but can aid in the healing process. If you are looking for somewhere to purchase, check out Concord Pet Food & Supplies!

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