Benefits of Swimming For Your Dog This Summer

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On June 21, 2022
Benefits of Swimming For Your Dog This Summer

One thing we all look forward to during the hot summer months is swimming! It is the best activity to cool off on a hot summer day. The benefits of swimming for your dog are plentiful. During the dog days of summer, pet parents must be careful how they exercise their canine friends. Vigorous and intense exercise on hot days can be very dangerous to your dogs’ health. If you have thought about taking your dog for a swim, here are some benefits your dog can look forward to:


The Main Benefit of Swimming is That… It’s Fun! 

There is no doubt that our pups enjoy going out for walks daily. Exploring all the neighborhood sights and smells helps to keep them mentally stimulated. Now and then, it’s okay to change your dogs’ exercise routine, so they don’t get bored walking the same paths every day. 

You can venture out to different places to go for walks. However, adding an activity like swimming into their exercise routine won’t hurt! If your dog enjoys being in the water, taking them to a lake or your local beach for a dip in the water will help keep them cool this summer. 


Swimming Is a Low Impact Exercise 

If your dog has mobility issues or issues with their joints and hips, daily walks can be a challenge for them. Swimming is a great way to give dogs with physical challenges a way to exercise and keep cool as swimming is low impact and doesn’t put a significant strain on their muscles, joints, and tendons.   


Swimming Can Help Relieve Pain

For dogs who need to undergo therapeutic exercises to help with rehabilitation after an injury, warm water swimming is a great way to regain their strength. Warm water helps to relieve pain and promote blood flow. Because the muscles warm up faster, it decreases the risk of further injury. You can always check out a pet rehabilitation facility near you if you don’t have a heated swimming pool at home. 

Benefits of Swimming For Your Dog This


Swimming Helps to Tone Muscles

One of the benefits of swimming for your dog is an increase in toned muscles. Due to the resistance of the water, swimming will improve your pups’ muscular strength and work to improve their cardiovascular and respiratory systems. One minute of swimming is equivalent to four minutes of walking! Your dog can get a great workout in a short period of time. 


What if My Dog Doesn’t Know How to Swim?

Some dog breeds are natural-born swimmers who know exactly what to do when they hit the water! This skill might not come naturally to others, so your dog will need some help. 

When teaching your dog to swim, be patient with them as if you were teaching a child to swim. Reassure your pup that they don’t need to be afraid! 

Give your dog a chance to get acquainted with the water. Please do not force them to go in right away. Instead, reward their good behavior by exploring the water with treats and praise. 

You can start with using a kiddie pool at home to get your dog used to being in the water. You can gradually increase the depth as they get more comfortable. 

For safety, you may also look into getting your pup a lifejacket so they feel safer and can float. Alternatively, you may also hold them under their belly to guide them through the water until they get used to swimming on their own. Eventually, your dog will get the hang of it and will paddle their way through with ease! Just be sure to always make it a pleasant experience for your dog. 

Content Critter is a pet sitting and dog walking company that likes to use swimming during the summer months to exercise off-leash dogs that stay and play with us through our “Guest Pup” in-home dog boarding service. We’ve found that most breeds enjoy water fun, whether wadding, splashing, jumping, diving, or swimming. While swimming and splashing, they have fun in the sun while staying cool. Enjoy your summer, but remember to keep your pets as cool as you are.

The photos on this page are actual images of a few of our “guest pups” that are allowed to be off-leash.

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