Christmas Dangers For Your Delaware Pet

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On December 21, 2021
Christmas Dangers For Your Newark Pet

Christmas is just a few days away and everyone is gearing up for the excitement of this holiday season. Having pets can certainly enhance the holiday experience, but we must keep in mind that there are Christmas dangers that lurk for your pet. A lot of the things that we enjoy could be harmful to your pet. Here are some things to keep in mind to maintain safety this Christmas.

Keep Your Pet Away From Holiday Food

One of the things we look forward to at Christmas is the delicious food! Chances are when you are baking a turkey or ham in the oven, your dog’s mouth is probably watering. You are not doing your dog any favors by feeding them table food. Turkey can be good for your dogs as long as all the seasonings and spices are kept out of it. However, the bones in a turkey are very dangerous to your dogs. Cooked turkey bones are softer and have the potential to be lodged in your dog’s throat. It is a serious choking hazard and must be kept away from your pets at all costs. In addition to turkey bones, garlic and onions also pose a major threat to your pets. While these food enhancers can make our meals more flavorful, they are very dangerous to your pets. Everything about them … from the flesh, to the juices and the skin. Be sure to discard these leftover pieces properly so your pooch doesn’t get into them.

Be Mindful Of Decorations

Part of getting into the holiday spirit includes putting up Christmas decorations as well as a Christmas tree. These decorations look fantastic when they’re all over the house, but they are a very common Christmas danger. Ornaments, whether they are made out of plastic or glass, are a serious choking hazard for your pets. If you have a mischievous cat who likes to climb and jump, they may use your Christmas tree as a means to climb and play. The last thing you want is to wake up with your tree fallen over and potential injuries.  If you have a new puppy, you know their favorite thing to do is chew! They will chew anything they can get their mouths on. Electrical cords and wires can be easy for pups to access. Be sure you tape them up properly so your pup doesn’t get a hold of them. Christmas Dangers For Your Delaware

Keep Chocolate and Baked Goods Far Out Of Reach

A lot of us have Christmas traditions that include lots of baking and snacking on delicious desserts. One common ingredient used in a lot of delicious Christmas desserts is chocolate.  This ingredient is very toxic to your dog. Dogs cannot metabolize chocolate and the consequences can be very bad if your dog ingests too much. The amount of sugar in chocolate is horrible for your pets as well. If you will be using this to sweeten your Christmas desserts, keep it far away from your pets. Some people like to hang chocolates on Christmas trees as well. Perhaps it may be a good idea to hang them higher up on the tree, or just skip using them entirely.  If your dog is notorious for counter-surfing, place all cookies, cake or anything with chocolate for that matter away in a container where your dog cannot get to it. If you suspect that your dog may have eaten chocolate, contact your veterinarian right away. Alternatively, you can also contact the Pet Poison Hotline for additional information.

Make Sure Your Guests Know How To Interact With Your Pets

Cats and dogs are social creatures, but that doesn’t mean they are fond of everyone. If you are hosting the family dinner this year, be sure to debrief your guests on how to interact with your pets while they are in your home. Don’t forget, your dogs see the home as their territory. Having other people around may be stressful for your furbaby. If your dog doesn’t like to be disturbed when they are in their resting space, be sure you notify your guests. No pet likes to be disturbed when they are eating or drinking water, so ensure everyone is aware to leave your pet alone while they enjoy their own meal this holiday season! We hope this blog has shed a little light on Christmas dangers for your pet. Here at Content Critter, we want to make sure all pets have a happy holiday season! If you have any questions about our services, don’t hesitate to let us know. 

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