Exploring Your Options: Dog Walker vs. Dog Boarding

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On November 23, 2023
Exploring Your Options Dog Walker vs. Dog Boarding

When life gets busy or travel beckons, many pet owners face the dilemma of finding the best care for their furry friends. Two popular choices emerge: You can hire a dog walker or pet sitter to come to your home to care for your pet. You may also opt for pet boarding. Each option comes with its own set of pros and cons, and understanding them can help you make the right decision for your canine companion. 

The Benefits of Hiring a Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

Your Pet Gets Personalized Attention:

A dog walker provides your pet one-on-one attention, catering to their needs and preferences. Your dog or cat can get individualized care, making it an excellent choice for pets that may be shy or have special requirements. 

They Can Stay In Their Familiar Environment:

If your pet isn’t good with adapting to changes in their environment, then hiring a pet sitter is the best choice. Your dog will remain in the comfort of their home. Staying in a familiar environment will reduce stress and anxiety associated with new settings. The familiar surroundings can be especially beneficial for older dogs or those with health issues. Your scent is everywhere, as well as their belongings.

Regular Exercise:

Hiring a dog walker will ensure your pup attends all their daily walks. Regular exercise will contribute to your dog’s physical and mental well-being. A dog walker will help them maintain their routine. Click here to review our website and get started on a dog-walking routine!

It is More Flexible:

Dog walkers often offer flexible schedules to accommodate your specific needs. It’s convenient for those with unpredictable work hours or varied travel plans. 


The Cons of Hiring a Dog Walker

Limited Supervision:

Sadly, your dog walker cannot be around all day. Your dog is alone for the rest of the day after the walk, potentially leading to loneliness or boredom. Dogs with separation anxiety may not do well with this level of independence. If you choose to go with a dog walker, be sure your dog is used to people coming and going within the home. 

Walks Will Depend on The Weather:

Walks might be affected by extreme weather conditions, potentially leaving your dog without exercise on certain days. Depending on your dog walker, you may be able to reschedule walks during the day, but these things are never guaranteed.

Potential for Limited Services:

A basic dog walking service might not include additional services like feeding or administering medication. 

Dog Walker vs. Dog Boarding

Advantages of Dog Boarding

Great Opportunities for Social Interaction:

Dogs often have the opportunity to socialize with other dogs, promoting healthy social behavior. Ideal for extroverted dogs that thrive on companionship. This is also good for puppies who need that socialization early on in their life. 

Boarding Can Provide 24/7 Supervision:

Boarding facilities typically have staff available around the clock, ensuring your dog will have support for extended periods. It’s a safer option for dogs that need constant supervision.

All-Inclusive Care:

Boarding services often include feeding, walks, playtime, and sometimes additional services like grooming—a one-stop solution for comprehensive care during your absence.

Professional Oversight:

Trained professionals can identify and address any health issues or emergencies promptly. Some boarding facilities have on-site veterinarians or close partnerships with veterinary clinics. If there is an emergency with your pup, you can rest assured they will get the care they need. 

Disadvantages of Dog Boarding

A New Environment Can Be Scary:

Dogs may experience stress or anxiety in a new environment, mainly if they are not accustomed to being away from home. Your dog may need time to adjust to the new surroundings and routine. Some dogs won’t eat or drink if they are stressed out, so being in a boarding facility can impact their health. 

Limited Personalization:

Boarding facilities have multiple dogs to care for, which may limit the level of personalized attention your dog receives. Someone may be unable to monitor your pet’s specific dietary or medical needs closely. 

Boarding Can Be Costly:

Boarding services can be more expensive than hiring a dog walker, especially for extended periods. The type of accommodations your pet needs (like medication administration or extra playtime) can quickly drive up the cost of boarding.


Ultimately, the decision between a dog walker and dog boarding depends on your dog’s personality, preferences, and circumstances. Assess your dog’s individual needs and weigh the pros and cons of each option. Whether it’s the personalized attention of a dog walker or the social atmosphere of a boarding facility, what matters most is ensuring your furry friend feels loved and cared for in your absence. 

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