All visits include lots of love, play, attention, hugs and cuddles!

All visits include bringing in mail and papers, putting trash out or bringing trash cans back in, and rotation of lights to give your home that lived-in look.  

Administration of medications are included in all visits, if needed.

"Content Kitty" - $15

During this visit your kitty will enjoy lots of love, play, attention, hugs and cuddles as well as a clean litter box, fresh water, and food.

"Happy Hound" - $25

This 45 minute visit is for pet parents who want to be sure they are coming home to a happy, CONTENT dog.  The visit includes a potty break, fresh water, feeding (if needed) and a 35 minute leash walk.

"Pampered Pooch" - $18

This 30 minute visit includes a potty break, fresh water, feeding (if needed) and a 20 minute leash walk.

"Pup Pop In" - $15

This 20 minute visit gives your dog a potty break and yard play, fresh water, and feeding (if needed). (This service is only available for dogs with fenced yards; no leash walk included with this visit and not advised for dogs with high exercise requirements).

"Pet Pajama Party" - $80

For pets that don't like to be home alone at night.  We are available to spend the night in your home giving your pet lots of love and human companionship and the security of knowing they are not spending the night alone.

Contact us for your FREE meet and greet. 

In Home Dog Boarding

Available on a limited basis, please click the "contact" page for availability.

Enjoy your vacation more knowing your dog is enjoying a vacation too.  

We only allow up to 3 dogs to stay and play with us so book early for this popular option.

"Guest Pup"- $25 per night (Rate does not include "Play Day")

The perfect option for dogs old or young.  Your dog becomes part of our family as a guest in our home where they will enjoy around the clock human companionship and lots of snuggles.  If you allow it your pup can even sleep in our bed.  Now you can go on vacation and relax knowing your dog is staying in a dog loving home and enjoying a vacation too.

"Play Day"- $40 weekdays, $45 weekends

We believe dogs of all ages need exercise, fresh air and sunshine.  Your fur baby will enjoy walks and trips to local parks all year round for leashed and (if you approve) unleashed fun that includes swimming, running, hiking and romping.  They even get to go to the parks when it snows!  Your vacation will be more fun knowing your dog is having as much., if not more fun than you are.  Visit our boarding page to see some of our guest pups enjoying their stay with us.  Note:  At this time our "Play Day" service is only available to boarding clients if there is availability.

"Critter Cab"-$2 to $10 (depending on distance)

Pick up and return is available when your dog stays as our "guest pup".  The perfect end to your vacation is to have your happy, CONTENT dog arrive shortly after you get home.  Note: We will not bring a "guest pup" back until you are home because of the shock it can cause to be in an empty house after enjoying 24 / 7 human companionship while you were away.

We also except direct debits from most major banks