Summer Dog Walking Safety Tips For Your Delaware Pup!

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On August 22, 2022
Summer Dog Walking Safety Tips For Your Delaware Pup!

The dog days of summer are nearly over, but safety is an ongoing priority. Not everyone knows how the summer heat can affect our pups, no matter how much fun they seem to have outside! Our job as pet parents is to ensure our puppies stay safe all summer. We have some summer dog walking safety tips for you to review to continue to have a happy, healthy summer! 

Be Conscious Of The Time You Take Your Pup For a Walk

Temperatures are always cooler in the morning than in midday or the afternoon. Going for early morning walks during the summer days is your best bet for keeping your dog comfortable during the summer months. Evening walks on those days where temperatures are extremely high are also recommended. 

Heat stroke is a common problem our dogs face during the summer. As much as you love being out in the summer sun, it is unsuitable for our pups. Especially those that thrive during the colder months, such as Huskies, Saint Bernards, Alaskan Malamutes, and many more!


Bring Water With You on Every Walk

Hydration is essential all year round. During the summer months, ensuring your dog is hydrated is extremely important to their overall health. On walks, bring a bottle of water for yourself and your pet. You can also bring a water bowl on walks so your pup can take water breaks. A collapsible water bowl will save space among your pets’ belongings. Most of them come with a clip that you can secure onto your belt buckle or a small bag too. 


Walk in Grassy Areas

If your neighborhood is full of trees and shady areas, try and walk there. Walking for too long in the sun will quickly dehydrate and tire out your dog. Also, walking on hot pavement is not good for your dog’s paw pads. We have the luxury of being able to wear shoes and sandals to protect our feet from the ground. Our dogs spend all of their time on their paws. Keeping them protected in the summertime will prevent burns and blistering. If your dog is small, you can even carry them for a portion of your walk to give them a little break!

A quick tip to know whether or not the pavement is too hot: place your hand against the ground, and if it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your dog!

Summer Dog Walking Safety Tips


Pay Closer Attention To Your Flat Face or Senior Dog 

Keeping your flat-faced breeds, such as French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, Boxers, and Pugs cool during the summer is particularly important. Since flat-faced dogs can overheat more easily during walks, keep your outdoor adventures short! Due to their shortened muzzles, breathing and panting are more difficult in hot weather. Thus, it makes it harder for them to stay cooler.

Senior dogs need the same kind of care. They will also benefit from short walks. When in doubt, consult with your veterinarian before creating a regular walking routine with your senior or flat-faced canine companion.


Keep Your Dog Cool

Dogs love to be outside and smell all the smells of the neighborhood. Sometimes just relaxing in the shade is good enough, but you can up the ante by taking them swimming in the lake or buying them a kiddie pool to splash around in your backyard! 

There are many benefits to bringing your dog for a swim. Click here to read our blog about those benefits so that you can introduce your dog to a new summer activity!


You know your dog the best! Keep an eye on their behavior while you’re out on walks. If you notice that they keep stopping to sit, or lay down in the grass, follow their lead. The worst thing you can do is force your dog to walk when they’re tired and need a break. Once they’re ready to go, get them back inside to cool off until their next potty break.

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