Ethan Lupichuk
I can't say enough about Content Critter! We have been using them for once a week play days and overnight stays for our English Golden Retrievers for the last few years. Before we brought our first Golden home 3 years ago, I received a referral from a friend telling me to check out Content Critter - the friend was in a similar situation of having a large breed dog in a household where people are at work and school all day. I connected with Claudia and knew right away that she was a pure animal lover! When the time came that our puppy was home with us, Claudia came to meet with us and I knew instantly that this was someone who would give our pup hands on care. From that meeting on, we have been part of the Content Critter family and I made sure to check with them before getting our second dog to make sure they would have room for him as I could not imagine managing without their help! We joke that Jed is a "dog whisperer" as our pups seem to listen to him better than they listen to us! Our pups have also given their seal of approval -all we have to do is say " Bark Bus" and they run to door with tails wagging as they know that momentarily they will be out the door for a full day of fun with Content Critter.