Benefits of Fish Oil For Your Dog

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On July 21, 2022
Benefits of Fish Oil For Your Dog

Like humans, dogs can also suffer from dry skin. Fish oil is an excellent natural remedy to help combat dry skin. There are many other health benefits as well. If you want to supplement your dog’s diet with additional nutrients, we will help outline some benefits of fish oil for your dog. 

What is Fish Oil?

Fish oil is made from two omega-3s called docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Fish oil is derived from the fatty areas of oily fish. Sources of these two omega-3s from fatty fish are salmon, mackerel and trout, and shellfish. In addition, mussels, oysters and crabs contain omega 3s. Please note that these are just examples of where fish oils are derived. This does not mean you can feed your dogs these different types of fish. 


What Causes Dry Skin in Your Pet?

There are several reasons why your dog can end up with dry skin. 


Allergies are the most common cause of dry, itchy skin. Your dog can have seasonal allergies or develop food allergies. Your dog may also have environmental allergies to dust, pollen or grass. 

If your dog contracts fleas, it can also cause dry skin, among other things. Ensure you keep your dog on a flea preventative every year and prevent them from entering your home. 



If you suspect your dog has parasites, this will require a trip to the vet. A parasite can enter your dog’s body if your pup eats infected feces or contaminated soil or water. 


How Does Fish Oil Help My Pup?

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Fish Oil Helps with Dry Skin and Coat

Dry, flaky skin is easy to spot on dogs with a dark coat but may not be as apparent on dogs with lighter coats. If you notice your pup scratching constantly, he or she may have dry skin. You can also look for hair loss, inflammation, and scabs, to name a few symptoms. 

In addition to helping with dry skin, your dog’s coat will be super shiny and lustrous. 

You Will Minimize the Likelihood of Chronic Diseases

Heart health is so important to living a long healthy life. Fish oil has been known to reduce blood clots and the potential for irregular heart rhythm. 

Further, the chances of developing deadly chronic illnesses like kidney disease are reduced. Some studies suggest that omega 3’s may help prevent and slow the spread of cancer cells in the body. Remember that this is not a cure for diseases but can give your dog a better quality of life. 


Fish Oil Helps Maintain Healthy Joints

As our pups age, joint pain is one of the most common conditions they suffer from. Slowing any degeneration of the joints will keep your dog comfortable and agile. Again, this is not a cure if your pet does suffer from arthritis, but it may help them be more comfortable. 


Fish Oil Supports Brain Health

During puppyhood, brain development is crucial as dogs learn so much about themselves and their environment. You can give your pup fish oil as early as eight weeks old. Omega 3s help protect the structure of the brain cells. It can also help support cognitive function in senior pets, which may lead to physical and mental decline. 


How to Give Your Dog Fish Oil

There are a couple of options for giving your pet fish oil. You can give your dog soft-gel capsules by simply adding the soft gels to their meals. You can also purchase fish oil in liquid form. You can also opt for chewable tablets or soft chews to provide as a treat. Do your research to determine which form will be easiest to add to your dogs’ diet. Make sure that you only purchase from reputable manufacturers. The supplement you give your dog should be free from Mercury, a toxin that gathers in the fat of the fish from the water they live in. 

Keeping your pup happy and healthy is the main priority of all pet owners! Check out our other blogs here for more pet care tips and advice! 

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