Fish Oil for a Dogs Dry Skin and Coat

As we enter the cold winter months the outside air, as well as your home's inside air., becomes very dry.  Whether your pup is mostly an inside dog or lives for the outdoor winter weather such as this Newfoundland you may need to supplement their diet with fish oil.

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Dry flaky skin is easy to spot on dogs with a dark coat but may not be as obvious on dogs with lighter coats.  If you notice your pup scratching, he or she may have dry skin.  We give our dog the same fish oil soft-gels that we take by simply adding the soft-gels to their meals.  Fish oil is derived from the fatty areas of oily fish.  These fish tend to accumulate toxins from the water such as mercury that gathers in the fat.  For that reason we only buy fish oil from reputable manufacturers that purify it to remove mercury.  Fish oil can also be purchased in liquid form, so use whatever is easiest to add to your dog's diet. We have found that fish oil not only helps relieve a dog from dry skin, but it also helps give them a lustrous coat.  Remember fish oil provides heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids that can be benificial for both you and your furry friend.